Author: Aislinn Hall


Gleason’s, variously referred to as Gleason’s Bar, Gleason’s Musical Bar, Gleason’s Cafe, and Gleason’s Restaurant, was a bar and restaurant located at 5219 Woodland Ave., at the corner of Woodland and East 55th Street. It was founded by William “Jap” Gleason in 1944. Prior to opening the restaurant, Gleason had been a manager for Alonzo […]

Leo’s Casino

Leo’s first opened in 1952 at 4817 Central Avenue and was owned by Leo Frank. It operated as a bar, but later expanded to a jazz room. In 1962, Leo’s burned down, and in 1963, Frank opened Leo’s Casino at 7500 Euclid Avenue. The club was known for having racially mixed audiences despite high tensions […]