Author: Erich Schnack

Lake Glen

Lake Glen, sometimes spelled Lake Glenn in newspaper coverage, was a Black country club and entertainment venue located at 4572 Akron-Cleveland Road, nestled in the Cuyahoga Valley between Peninsula and Cuyahoga Falls. The club, in operation from 1950 to 1964, was approximately 26 miles away from Cleveland and sat on 13 acres of land. It […]


Stonibrook was a large estate off Northampton Road in Peninsula, Ohio. The location was near what is now Blossom Music Center. Bill and Anna Johnson were a married African American couple who owned the 45-acre estate filled with evergreens and three inland lakes. Bill was a World War II veteran who returned to the United […]


Val’s was a jazz nightclub on the north side of Cedar Avenue near East 86th Street in Cleveland. The club was also known as “Val’s in the Alley” because of its location in a back alley called Vienna Court. One attendee recalled, “We called it Val’s in the alley because it was back off the […]