Author: Green Book Cleveland Team

Ebony Lounge

Ebony Lounge was located at 6916 Cedar Avenue. Previously Jimmy Frazier’s Caravan Club during the World War II years, the nightspot fell on hard times before prominent Black businessman Alonzo G. Wright financed the business, which reopened as the Ebony Lounge in 1949. When the club’s profits fell short of his expectations, Wright quickly sold […]

Elite Recreation

Elite Recreation was a Black-owned bowling alley at 2111 East 96th Street. In 1941, a white bowling-alley operator, Art Loew, bought a sixteen-year-old auto garage and turned it into Elite Recreation with the promise to welcome African American bowlers. Loew promised to hire Black unionized workers. After three years he sold it to Roland Boyce, […]

Forest Hills Park Pool

Forest Hills Park Pool was located at 12310 Arlington Avenue in the Forest Hills neighborhood between Glenville and Collinwood. The pool was the site of racial threats to Black swimmers in the 1930s-40s. Additional information coming soon. Resources Michney, Todd M. Surrogate Suburbs: Black Upward Mobility and Neighborhood Change in Cleveland, 1900–1980. Chapel Hill: University […]

Hub-Bub Record Shop & Realty Co.

Lina Derritt opened the Hub-Bub Record Shop with her husband Robert in 1945 at 1208 East 105th Street. The store moved to 1160 East 105th in 1947, then to 1282 East 105th in 1954, and finally to 12431 Superior by 1959. Derritt, who migrated from Nashville to Cleveland with her mother in 1917, was reportedly […]


The Irene was a listing in Hackley & Harrison’s Hotel and Apartment Guide for Colored Travelers in 1930. It was an apartment building that was erroneously listed at 3514 Prospect Avenue, but according to the 1927 Cleveland atlas it was actually at 4407 Carnegie Avenue. No further information is known. Resources Hackley & Harrison’s Hotel […]

Jack’s Musical Bar

Originally known as the Cedar Tavern in the 1930s, Jack’s Musical Bar was located at 6608 Cedar Avenue. It featured jazz and blues musicians for several decades. In later years it turned into a sports bar before closing in the early 2000s. By 2019, its evocative sign disappeared, leaving only a barren, boarded-up building and […]

James Farm

James Farm was a 25-acre farm that was purchased in 1921 by Percy and Blanche James. Mrs. Blanche James was the gracious hostess of the property and guests enjoyed her company. The farm was located on Route 534 in Harpersville Township in Ashtabula County near Trumbull Township and about eight miles from Geneva-on-the-Lake. The property […]