Author: Sarah White

Cedar Branch YMCA

The Cedar Branch YMCA, located at Cedar Avenue and East 77th Street, always helped the young men in its community even with often limited resources. The first Cedar Branch YMCA building was constructed in 1879 and was rented from the Lend-a-Hand Mission in 1921. The YMCA purchased the building two years later along with an […]

Club Ron-Day-Voo

Leroy Robinson was the charismatic owner and proprietor of Club Ron-Day-Voo, a black and tan nightclub on Cedar Avenue that the Plain Dealer deemed “more pretentious than grammatical in spelling.” Robinson brought out all the stops when he opened his new club in 1942 because he had some experience in Cleveland nightlife. Prior to Robinson’s […]

Ebony Lounge

When Ebony Lounge opened on April 1, 1949, it was filled to the brim with patrons hungry for entertainment, and the new nightspot surely delivered. Dolly Frazier and her men played to a full house. There were 46 seats available at tables arrayed in a semi-circle around the bar with another 46 seats at the […]

Mrs. McCray

Belle McCray always extended a helping hand to those in need and provided housing for many families moving to Cleveland. She moved from Greenville, Mississippi, with her husband Sam McCray in 1917 as part of the Great Migration. Soon after she arrived in Cleveland, she started acquiring property. She purchased properties on East 40th Street, […]