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Clearview Golf Club

Text from Ohio Historical Marker: “Golfer and World War II veteran William J. Powell, excluded from playing on many American golf courses because of his race, overcame the indignity of discrimination by creating his own course. Hand built in two years and opened in 1948, Clearview Golf Club is the first golf course in the […]

Ravenna Town & Country Club

Ravenna Town & Country Club was a private membership club for African Americans on South Diamond Street at the edge of what was the city limits in the 1960s. It offered a range of leisure and recreation, including a golf course, and social events. The club may have been on the site of present-day Diamond […]

Lake Shore Country Club

Lake Shore Country Club in Bratenahl opened as a nine-hole public golf course during World War II after being reconfigured from an eighteen-hole course following the departure of The Country Club to Pepper Pike. The Cleveland Golf Club, adjacent to and affiliated with The Country Club (with which it later merged) had originally opened to […]