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Jones Farm

The Black employees of the May Co. department store held a picnic at Jones’ Farm near Chagrin Falls in 1937. The farm’s location is not yet known, but it may be have been the property of Thomas Jones, a farmer from Kentucky who appears in the 1940 census in Chagrin Falls Park. Additional information coming […]

Brownwood Acres

Brownwood Acres was the country estate of Dr. Stanley and Viola Brown of Glenville. It was located in Shalersville Township north of Ravenna and hosted a number of picnics and social outings in the late 1940s to mid 1950s. The estate suffered significant damage in a 1956 tornado. Additional information coming soon.

Handy Farm

The Handy Farm was located on Holbrook Road off Franklin Road near Chagrin Falls Park. Frank Handy, a native of New Iberia, Louisiana, moved to Cleveland in 1916 and earned money by gigging on the alto saxophone before opening a confectionery business at East 43rd and Cedar Avenue. Handy, who was a great nephew of […]

James Farm

James Farm was a 25-acre farm that was purchased in 1921 by Percy and Blanche James. Mrs. Blanche James was the gracious hostess of the property and guests enjoyed her company. The farm was located on Route 534 in Harpersville Township in Ashtabula County near Trumbull Township and about eight miles from Geneva-on-the-Lake. The property […]

Williams Farm

After moving from New Orleans to Cleveland in 1923, Eugene Williams worked in a barrel factory until opening up his own fish market and grocery store. In 1934, another famous barbecue restauranteur in Cleveland surreptitiously referred to as “the Black King” dissolved his business during the Great Depression. Williams was offered to take over one […]

Wright Farm

Located in Chesterland, Ohio, Wright Farm was owned by Alonzo and Henrietta Wright. Alonzo Wright, who had lived in the Glenville neighborhood in the 1920s before marrying Henrietta Cheeks, had become the third Black homeowner in Cleveland Heights in 1929 and lived there for the next eighteen years, undeterred by a racially motivated firebombing of […]