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Mathews Hotel

The Mathews Hotel was Akron’s main Black hotel. Owned by George W. Mathews, the hotel was located at 77 N. Howard Street. Born on a farm in Thomaston, Georgia, in 1897, Mathews worked as a waiter in a Montgomery, Alabama, hotel from 1915 to 1920. He migrated to Akron in 1925 and opened the Exchange […]

Carnegie Hotel

Carnegie Hotel appears in the Green Book from 1946-1947, 1949-1950, and 1954-1967 at 6903 Carnegie Ave. under the category Hotels. The correct address was 6803 Carnegie Ave. Hotel owners Earnestine and Eddie Eadie sold their interests in the sixty-room hostelry in 1947 to Alonzo Wright, who also operated the Majestic Hotel on East 55th Street. […]

Cedar Branch YMCA

Cedar Branch YMCA appears in the Green Book from 1938-1967 (with the exception of 1947) at E. 76th St. & Cedar under the category Hotels. Additional information coming soon. Resources “Search Results [Cedar Branch YMCA].” Cleveland Memory. “Young Men’s Christian Assn.” Encyclopedia of Cleveland History.