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Pete’s Subway Record Shop

Pete’s Subway Record Shop was variously listed at 9108 or 9110 Cedar Avenue and specialized in jazz, blues, and gospel records. Its name reflected the nickname of its owner, Arthur B. (Pete) Carvest and the fact that the shop got its start in a small rear basement space before moving upstairs to a street-facing storefront. […]

Hub-Bub Record Shop & Realty Co.

Lina Derritt opened the Hub-Bub Record Shop with her husband Robert in 1945 at 1208 East 105th Street. The store moved to 1160 East 105th in 1947, then to 1282 East 105th in 1954, and finally to 12431 Superior by 1959. Derritt, who migrated from Nashville to Cleveland with her mother in 1917, was reportedly […]

Roberts Bike Shop

In 1940, John B. Roberts borrowed $150 and bought six used bicycles that he rented to children from a stand at East 89th Street and Cedar Avenue. By 1941 Roberts had amassed enough money to rent a storefront at 2134 East 96th Street (on the corner of Cedar) and opened Roberts Bike Shop. Within a […]

Public Hall

Public Hall, or Public Auditorium, opened in 1922 at 500 Lakeside Avenue. It was primarily used as a convention center for its large size and in fact was one of the nation’s largest convention halls until the second half of the 20th century. However, many musical acts played there as well. Public Hall has a […]