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Loop Lounge

Loop Lounge was a downtown jazz club at 614 Prospect Avenue that attracted big-name entertainers like Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker in the late 1940s to late 1950s. The storefront where the club was located is still standing today. Additional information coming soon

The Corner Tavern

Jazzman Frank Handy owned the Corner Tavern at 7800 Cedar Avenue and the Paradise Bar at 4410 Woodland Avenue. Both taverns served Chinese and American food and brought in musical entertainment in the 1940s. Additional information coming soon

Towne Casino

Towne Casino was a club in the Euclid-E. 105th commercial district in the 1950s that attracted an interracial clientele, which in turn made it a target of bombing attacks. Additional information coming soon.

The Hot-Shot Riding Academy

The Hot-Shot Riding Academy was a gambling and drinking spot that purported to be an interracial riding academy but, according to the Call & Post, had “few horses, but plenty of ‘white mule.’” It was located two miles east of Oberlin on the Oberlin-Elyria Road. The operation opened in early 1955 and quickly became an […]

Cafe Tia Juana

Cafe Tia Juana was a jazz club that opened in 1947, replacing Solomon’s Gold Bar at 1045 East 105th Street. Cafe Tia Juana remained until closing in 1969. An earlier Tia Juana Cafe (a Mexican restaurant) at 2134 East 55th Street in the Cedar-Central neighborhood in the early 1940s does not seem to have been […]