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Val’s was a jazz nightclub on the north side of Cedar Avenue near East 86th Street in Cleveland. The club was also known as “Val’s in the Alley” because of its location in a back alley called Vienna Court. One attendee recalled, “We called it Val’s in the alley because it was back off the […]

Apex Club

The Apex Club was a private Black social club located on Aurora Road (Route 43) near Bedford for a short time in 1936-37. Club president Charles V. Carr was a very prominent African American attorney during this time. Carr’s success led him to be a city councilman later in his life. The club featured both […]

Heat Wave

Heat Wave was a music club inside the Majestic Hotel at East 55th and Central Avenue. Majestic Hotel was one of the most popular African American hotels in Cleveland in the mid-20th century. Heat Wave was just one name by which the hotel’s nightclub was known over the years. Originally called the Furnace Room when […]