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Mercury Bar

Mercury Bar was a popular spot in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood and was quite notable in its prime. Its most influential owner, Howard Meckley, was one of the first Black people in the Cleveland area to be granted the D-5 nightclub license, and made many other strides as a Black business owner at the time. He […]

Log Cabin

The Log Cabin was a popular tavern opened in 1934 by Willie Pierson and Rodger Price at 2290 East 55th Street before expanding into the adjacent storefront at 2294 two years later. Pierson, a Guthrie, Oklahoma, native and World War I veteran who would go on to be one of the first African American homeowners […]

Scatter’s Barbecue

Scatter’s Barbecue was a popular restaurant owned and operated by Herman “Scatter” Stephens, a larger-than-life figure in Cleveland’s vibrant barbecue scene at the time. Located at 931 East 105th Street in Glenville, Scatter’s Barbecue offered what some considered to be some of the best barbecue in the Midwest. The owner and namesake of Scatter’s, Herman […]