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Happy Days Camp

Happy Days Camp was a youth camp and picnic ground constructed in Virginia Kendall Park between 1933 and 1938 by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers on Route 303 a mile west of Route 8 near Peninsula. In 1955 the Akron Chapter of the NAACP held a picnic there. Additional information coming soon.

Goodrich Farm Camp

Goodrich Farm Camp was located in Hudson, Ohio. The summer camp was a program operated by Goodrich House, a settlement house at East 55th Street at St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland. The camp started in 1898 in Willoughby and moved to Hudson fourteen years later. African American children started attending the camp soon thereafter following […]

Hiram House Camp

Hiram House Camp is located on Hiram Trail, the eastern extension of Harvard Road in Moreland Hills in eastern Cuyahoga County. The camp has its roots in the Hiram House social settlement that was located on Orange Avenue on the edge of Cleveland’s Cedar-Central district. Beginning in the 1890s, it operated various camps at outlying […]

Camp Cheerful

Camp Cheerful opened in 1945 by the Society for Crippled Children as the nation’s first camp designed especially for children with disabilities. It is located in Mill Stream Run Reservation near Strongsville. In its early years the camp operated on a segregated basis but eventually integrated its programs. Additional information coming soon. Resources “Handicapped Youth […]

Camp Mueller

Camp Mueller is located on Akron-Peninsula Road in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park north of Cuyahoga Falls and was started by the Phillis Wheatley Association in 1939 as an interracial camp for inner-city children. Additional information coming soon. Resources “Phillis Wheatley Association.” Cleveland Historical. Phillis Wheatley Association (Oral History Collection). Cleveland Voices.

Chippewa Valley Camp

Located on Riverview Road in the Brecksville Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks, Chippewa Valley Camp was home to the Playhouse Settlement (Karamu House)’s summer camp from 1923 to 1947. The camp was part of a broader collaboration between the Cleveland Metropolitan Park Board and the Cleveland Welfare Federation. Additional information coming soon. Resources Raponi, Richard. […]