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Cottage Grove Lake Resort

Cottage Grove Lake in the Portage Lakes emerged as a picnicking and recreational spot as early as the 1880s after the Cleveland Terminal & Valley Railroad initiated passenger service through the Cuyahoga Valley between Cleveland and the Portage Lakes. By 1890 the railroad financed the development of Cottage Grove Lake into a full-fledged resort. A […]

On-Erie Beach

On-Erie Beach played a significant role in the African American community in Northeast Ohio from the 1920s to the 1940s. The beach may have been the only African American owned and operated beach in the area. Located in western Lorain, the beach lay along State Route 2, near present day West 21st and Martin Drive. […]


Stonibrook was a large estate off Northampton Road in Peninsula, Ohio. The location was near what is now Blossom Music Center. Bill and Anna Johnson were a married African American couple who owned the 45-acre estate filled with evergreens and three inland lakes. Bill was a World War II veteran who after the war returned […]

Locust Farm

Locust Farm was a popular suburban retreat located along South Franklin Street to the south of Chagrin Falls. Locust Farm was often called the Alexander Farm because Dr. and Mrs. John A. Alexander of Cleveland owned it. According to one ad that appeared in the Call & Post, Locust Farm promised “dancing, food, watermelon, baseball, […]