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Locust Farm

Locust Farm was a popular suburban retreat located near Franklin Road to the south of Chagrin Falls. Locust Farm was often called the Alexander Farm because Dr. and Mrs. John A. Alexander of Cleveland owned it. According to one ad that appeared in the Call & Post, Locust Farm promised “dancing, food, watermelon, baseball, horse […]

R. M. R. Ranch Club

R. M. R. Ranch Club was a 100-acre farm outside Elyria, Ohio, that was in operation during the 1950s. The summer resort featured a picnic ground, club room, dining room, horseback riding, hayrides, horseshoe pitching, tennis, and croquet. To accommodate visitors from greater distances, the R. M. R. Ranch Club offered overnight guest rooms. In […]


Stonibrook was a Black summer resort owned by Bill and Ann Johnson in the vicinity of Northampton Road, close to where Blossom Music Center later opened. In 1957, the resort suffered complete destruction in an arson attack that appeared to be racially motivated. Additional information coming soon. Resources Williams, Bob. “Mystery Fire Razes Negro Resort: […]