Apex Club

The Apex Club was a private music club, and could even be considered a country club, for African Americans during the early to mid-1930s. Conveniently located seven miles away from central downtown Cleveland, it sat on route forty-three also known as Aurora Road in Solon. Club owner Charles V. Carr was a very prominent African American attorney during this time. Carr’s success led him to be a councilman later in his life. The club featured both indoor and outdoor events such as dancing, dining, tennis, softball, and picnics. In 1937 Apex Club went through some major renovations adding new tennis courts and revamping the ballroom and dining rooms. It even had a menu overhaul adding food such as fresh steaks and milk-fed chicken. Sadly, Apex Club closed later that year, most likely due to being closed for six months previously for the renovations and lack of business during that time.

Exterior of the private club on Aurora Road near Bedford | Call & Post, April 29, 1937
Front of the private club on Aurora Road near Bedford | Cleveland Call & Post, 28 May, 1936
Exact location unknown (Aurora Rd., Solon)
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