Cedar Country Club/Mason’s Farm

Cedar Country Club, later known as Mason’s Farm, was located on Cochran Road south of Route 43 in Solon. In 1935, Bennie and Blanche Mason acquired the farm where they started Cedar Country Club the following year. It featured horse stables, cabins, and picnic grounds but was better known as a popular jazz venue and nightclub where Tiny Grimes and many other musicians performed. In addition to its leisure destination status, Mason’s Farm was also a working farm with more than 2,500 head of livestock and 145 of its 160 acres set aside for growing corn, wheat, and oats. Bennie Mason was also an infamous “numbers king” until his death in a car accident, after which the property was sold to the Nickel Plate Railroad, which was assembling land for an early industrial park as part of an effort to market Solon for factories.

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Green Book Details

The Cedar Country Club appears in the Green Book in 1939, where it is erroneously located on Route 43 in Solon under the category Country Clubs.


Cochran Rd, Solon

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