Lake Shore Picnic Grounds

The Tuxedo Club at Lakeshore Picnic Grounds |Call & Post September 1 1941

Located at East 18th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard in North Collinwood, approximately the same area as HWR Christian Center Park today, the Lakeshore Picnic Grounds advertised in the Call & Post in 1941 that it offered swimming, dancing, baseball, and racing. In contrast to its larger competitor nearby, Euclid Beach Park, the same ad emphasized that “all are welcome.”

Lakeshore Picnic Grounds could be easily reached by local residents by car, or by public buses. In addition to the general public, the grounds also served as host to the annual picnic of the Tuxedo Club, an African American social club of the 1940s.


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E. 185th St. and Lakeshore Blvd

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