Locust Farm

Locust Farm was a popular suburban retreat located along South Franklin Street to the south of Chagrin Falls. Locust Farm was often called the Alexander Farm because Dr. and Mrs. John A. Alexander of Cleveland owned it. According to one ad that appeared in the Call & Post, Locust Farm promised “dancing, food, watermelon, baseball, horse shoe, picnic grove, cottages, motel.” From about 1946 to 1958 the Outhwaite Sportsmen’s Club, noted as one of the nation’s few Black organizations claiming membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA), held pigeon shoots on Locust Farm. Thereafter, the club moved these activities out to Midway Lake in Orwell Township. More information coming soon.


Locust Farm advertisement. Call & Post. July 3, 1954.

S. Franklin St., Chagrin Falls (exact location unknown)

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