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The Corner Tavern

Jazzman Frank Handy owned the Corner Tavern at 7800 Cedar Avenue and the Paradise Bar at 4410 Woodland Avenue. Both taverns served Chinese and American food and brought in musical entertainment in the 1940s. Additional information coming soon

Mercury Bar

Mercury Bar was located at 1031-33 E. 105th St. in the so-called “Gold Coast” area, as African Americans dubbed the Glenville neighborhood. The Mercury was in the same block as the famed Cafe Tia Juana and operated upstairs above Dearing’s restaurant. Howard Meckley, who had overcome adversity to be the primary vendor and repairer of […]

Log Cabin

Log Cabin appears in the Green Book from 1939-1946 at 2294 E. 55th St. under the category Taverns. Roger Price and Willie Pierson opened the Log Cabin in 1934 at 2290 East 55th Street and expanded into the adjacent storefront at 2294 two years later. Additional information coming soon. Resources “Log Cabin Grill is Crossroads […]

Scatter’s Barbecue

Scatter’s Barbecue was a restaurant located at 931 East 105th Street in Glenville from 1952 until 1983. Operated by Herman “Scatter” Stephens, a native of Georgia who moved to Cleveland in the 1930s, Scatter’s became a local favorite for its shoulder sandwiches. Stephens gradually expanded his enterprise into adjacent storefronts, including a lounge, vending-machine service, […]