1953 Green Book

Cedar Branch YMCA

The Cedar Branch YMCA, located at Cedar Avenue and East 76th Street, always helped the young men in its community even with often limited resources. The first Cedar Branch YMCA building was constructed in 1879 and was rented from the Lend-a-Hand Mission in 1921. The YMCA purchased the building two years later along with an […]

Cedar Gardens

Cedar Gardens was a restaurant and night spot that achieved regional and even national renown as a “black and tan” club in the 1930s and 1940s. Jacob Hecht opened Cedar Gardens at 9706 Cedar Avenue in January 1934. Hecht, who was White, had hired 65 employees by 1937, all of whom were Black. He turned […]

Douglass Club

The Douglass Club was located at 7917 Cedar Avenue in Cleveland. Its name derived from the famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass. The club opened at an unspecified date in the early 1930s and reportedly started on East 40th Street before moving in 1935 to the Cedar Avenue location that would later appear in the Green Book. […]

Majestic Hotel

Green Book Details Majestic Hotel appears in the Green Book from 1938 to 1967 at 2291 E. 55th St. under the category Hotels. See also Heat Wave and Majestic Barber Shop. Additional information coming soon. Resources Morris, Shawn. “Majestic Hotel.” Cleveland Historical. https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/636 “Majestic Hotel.” Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. https://case.edu/ech/articles/m/majestic-hotel

Mathews Hotel

The Mathews Hotel was Akron’s main Black hotel. Owned by George W. Mathews, the hotel was located at 77 N. Howard Street. Born on a farm in Thomaston, Georgia, in 1897, Mathews worked as a waiter in a Montgomery, Alabama, hotel from 1915 to 1920. He migrated to Akron in 1925 and opened the Mathews […]